This is the place to see all of my drawings for the InkTober drawing project. 31 days, 31 drawings. I have decided to base mine around a theme this time around. I've decided that my theme this year will be characters from Tim Burton movies. I'm a huge fan of his work and he has such range that I'll be able to cover something for everyone!
Wacom Pen: I'll be doing digital drawings before adding the inks. I use a Cintiq 13HD.
Pentel Pocket Brush: This is my workhorse. A refiillable brush pen, I use it on all my drawings.
Pentel Marker: For covering large areas of black ink quickly, there is no better option.
Rotring Tikky Graphic: One of a trio of fine technical drawing pens I use.
Copic Multiliner: Waterproof ink in a fine line technical drawing pen.
Uni Pin Fine Line: This fine line drawing pen completes the trilogy of technical pens I use.